ERP Systems Architecture For The Modern Age: A Review of The State of The Art Technologies

Document Type : Review Article


1 Research Center, Fanap Co, Tehran, IRAN

2 Tamale Technical University, Ghana


An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a vital component of any successful organization for managing complex business processes. In order to successfully implement ERP solutions, the management and implementers should have a broad understanding of the ERP systems architecture and the specific components which might be required for any business need. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the modern ERP systems architecture and investigate their underlying conceptual and structural models. In addition, we present the most significant technologies and tools used for the modern ERP systems which are provided by leader vendors in the market. Our research work can provide an insight for ERP project managers and consultants on what type of architecture is suitable for their business needs or how the implemented ERP system components work together. Moreover, it can assist ERP software designers to find the right type of software architecture which might satisfy any customer’s changeable needs.


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