1. How long does the review process of a manuscript take?

The peer-review process is generally known to be a stochastic procedure involving joint interactions among the Editorial office, reviewers and in particular the authors. However, JAISIS’s commitment is to minimize such an exhaustive process by considering rigorous monitoring over different segmentations of this procedure. The estimated duration of tasks related to each of the involved parties is as follows. The Editorial office is to make any sort of actions (e.g., initial review, reviewers’ assignment and taking decisions) within one week. This time limit for reviewers is two weeks in order to review either initial or revised versions of the manuscript. On the other hand, the authors are subjected to respond to reviewers’ comments at most one month depending on the type of the revisions. Taking as a whole, the expected duration to issue the final decision letter for a manuscript that has encountered one major revision will probably be 30 days subsequent to initial submission.

2. How long does the online publication of an accepted manuscript take?

The accepted manuscripts will be published online within two weeks.

3. When does a manuscript encounter a desk rejection?

If a submitted manuscript is either beyond the scope of JAISIS, poorly written, or covers trivial aspects, it will be subjected to desk rejection by the Editorial office.

4. How could an individual join the Editorial board of JAISIS and/or wok as the reviewer?

Eminent and highly cited researches from all around the globe are welcomed to join the Editorial board as well as playing a role as the reviewer. Interested Applicants can send their request to Editor-of-Chief by enclosing their C.V. Then, the request would be assessed and responded after a short while.

5. Is it possible to change the authors’ configuration after submitting a manuscript?

Any inquiry about changes in authors’ configuration can be made by sending an official letter to Editor-in-Chief specifying the reasoning behind it. In response, Editor-in-Chief assesses the request and decides whether to consider the changes or not. Notably, the changes in authors’ configuration embraces refreshing order of authors, adding new authors/omitting the previous ones, and/or modifying the affiliations/corresponding author.

6. What are the important factors increasing the prospect of accepting a manuscript at JAISIS?

To increase the prospect of a manuscript’s acceptance at JAISIS, authors are suggested to submit applied works with significant contributions while delicately respecting the appropriate usage of English structures in their text. Furthermore, in terms of requested revisions, authors are seriously recommended to transparently respond to reviewers’ comment down to the last detail. Finally, the structure of a manuscript and its content (e.g. Formula, Tables, Figures, References and so on) should not provide burdensome responsibilities for the editors to correct it. Thus, it is prudent to completely follow the author guidelines stipulated by the journal.