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Journal of Applied Intelligent Systems & Information Sciences (JAISIS) is directed by FANAP Studies & Research Center belonging to Information and Communication Technology of Pasargad holding (FANAP). Providing sustainable information technology based solutions for actual cases and having almost 4000 employees put FANAP among the giant Middle Eastern companies. Although the journal is founded with the primary aim of registering continually all the knowledge gained in FANAP projects and sharing them with the world, it seeks to carry out researches into discovering the brand new IT-technologies by focusing on recent achievement in the area of applied science. JAISIS’ editorial board is composed of internal members i.e. the company’s key employees with profound backgrounds in academic and practical domains as well as external members i.e. eminent scholars with relevant fields of expertise. The academic disciplines the journal focuses on include but are not restricted to data science, artificial intelligence, manufacturing/service-based systems, cloud computing, agile product management, and so on. Promising an agile review process, JAISIS invites industrious participants and academicians to submit their state-of-the-art experiences and researches in the context of intelligence-based information science.