A Problem-oriented Approach for Deploying Productivity Management Cycle (Case Study: Telecommunication Infrastructure Company)

Document Type : Case Study


1 Chief Information Officer, Information Technology and Cyberspace Security Deputy, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Tehran, Iran

2 Director General, Enterprise Architecture and Information System Management Department, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Tehran, Iran

3 Deputy of Management and Information Systems, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Tehran, Iran

4 Chief Executive Officer, Rasa Company, Tehran, Iran,

5 Ph.D., Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Engineering Department, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran.


Nowadays, economic growth is one of the main national goals, which can be achieved in two ways: building new capacities or using the existing capacities, optimally. With regard to Iran’s limitations in implementing the first approach, national productivity improvement is the only possible solution. For this purpose, the role of public and private sector, as important participants in the national economy, is undeniable. This fact has made the deployment of productivity management cycle in organizations, a national concern. In this paper, a problem-oriented approach for the productivity management cycle deployment is presented which aims to help organizations in productivity management. The proposed approach consists of two main phases: analysis of the current situation and productivity improvement planning. In the first phase, the performance of the organization is evaluated based on intra and extra-organizational goals and expectations. In the second phase, based on the analysis, the productivity problems are defined and consequently, the action plans are designed. To ensure applicability of the proposed approach, the Telecommunication Infrastructure Company is considered as a real case. Finally, the findings and experiences, resulted from deploying the proposed approach in this case, are presented.