Peer Review Process

The peer review process of JAISIS endeavors to ensure the standard quality of the publication and to take rational decisions in a timely manner at the same time. After a manuscript is submitted to JAISIS, checks on plagiarism will be automatically carried out by the system. The Editor-in-Chief then proceed to conduct the initial review by skimming the manuscript’s scope, general skeleton, contributions and English proficiency. If it fulfils the underlying criteria, the manuscript is assigned to the Editor to appoint at least two reviewers to conduct double-blind review. Otherwise, the paper is subjected to desk-rejection. As for the former case, the reviewers are supposed to submit their comments and overall justifications via the system on schedule. To ensure that the review due date is met, the required notifications are regularly sent to the reviewers. Next, the Editor considers the assessment of the reviewers and send it to the Editor-in-Chief for final decision. One of the four status of acceptance, minor revision, major revision and rejection is granted to the reviewed paper based on the final decision. When a manuscript undergoes any sort of revision, the author(s) is required to apply the necessary modifications and re-submit it. The review process of the revised manuscript is carried out in the same way that the review process of initial submission was carried out.