A Game-based Conflict Resolution Method by Mapping Prisoner's Dilemma into Teamwork Environment in Software Projects

Document Type : Lesson Learned


Department of Software Engineering, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran


Generally, software projects demand high-level interactions among different agents. Based on a specific perspective, typical examples of agents can be stakeholders, customers, and working teams. Although these agents are cooperating toward specific goals, e.g., timely completing the project, their adopted approaches may bring them into conflict with each other. Such conflicts should be resolved since they can have serious ramifications like project's tardiness. Apart from psychological and managerial methods, conflict resolution is obtainable through using game theoretic-based approach and its justification. Herein, this practice is conducted under a software project associated with video banking software application. The present study shows how teamwork behavior can be mapped into the classical prisoner's dilemma problem. Doing so, the teammates will tangibly understand the importance of their way of thinking in the project success or failure. Coupling such a setting with common rule of thumb psychological and managerial implications performs well in bouncing back teamwork progress when there are certain technical conflicts among teammates.


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