Tackling Workload Surges in Software Development Projects

Document Type : Lesson Learned


Department of Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


Owing to extreme interconnections among individuals, messaging systems have become vital tools for communication and collaboration within organizations. This paper explores a crisis that occurred during the development of a customized messaging system facing an unexpected surge in communication demands. Initially designed to accommodate a gradual increase in user activities, the sudden decision to centralize all organizational communications through the messaging system led to a crisis. This crisis manifested in a 300% increase in users, causing a flood of improvement requests and performance malfunction reports. The paper delves into the lessons learned from this crisis, highlighting both technical and mental aspects of the challenges faced. Short-term technical solutions included restricting request channels, while long-term actions involved team relocations and staffing adjustments. The paper underscores the importance of addressing not only technical deficiencies but also the mental well-being of the development team. Despite the inevitability of future crises, the study provides insights into effective crisis management strategies, ensuring a more rapid team recovery and productivity enhancement.


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