Mitigating Data Loss and Its Impact on Modern Software Engaging: A Case Study Approach

Document Type : Lesson Learned


Digital Banking Department, Dotin Co., Tehran, Iran


In today's business environment, the increasing reliance on information systems has become vital, driving operational efficiency across various sectors. However, this dependence comes with a critical concern - the looming threat of data loss. This paper delves into the intricate challenges associated with data loss in the realm of software engineering, specifically its implications for software companies managing essential databases. The consequences of data loss incidents, which encompass financial setbacks and harm to reputation, have far-reaching consequences for organizations dealing with sensitive data. The core focus following a data loss event is rapid and effective recovery to minimize disruptions and curtail losses. A range of recovery techniques, such as backups, redundancy measures, replication approaches, and comprehensive disaster recovery plans, are explored. This paper thoroughly examines the intricate interplay between information systems, data vulnerability, recovery strategies, and preventive actions. By conducting a comprehensive assessment of data loss scenarios and recovery methodologies, this paper aims to offer holistic insights into the significance of preventing data loss in today's digital landscape. Additionally, the paper presents a case study that demonstrates the complex nature of responding to incidents, analyzing root causes, prioritizing solutions, and adopting an optimal approach to mitigate the ramifications of data loss incidents.


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